Wedding Make-up Tips from Jackie Tyson…

The wedding season is rapidly approaching and luckily Jackie Tyson is here to help all you brides-to-be with some great easy-to-achieve make-up looks, not only for the rbide but also for your bridal party and guests. With 20 years  experience making-over the stars of stage and screen, Jackie is now sharing her secrets…

For the Bride

“Your wedding day will have you posing in front of the camera more than you have ever done before. It’s important to achieve a makeup look that you are comfortable with and allows your personality to shine through.

It’s not uncommon to have a sleepless night before your big day so have an eye treatment on-hand to cure all the tell-tale signs of a rough night. Expert Tip: cold, wet teabags or cucumber slices are miraculous at reducing redness, bags and dark circles, or for something more potent and fitting for a bride-to-be try new eyeSlices that get to work in just five minutes, packed full of botanicals to get your peepers in optimum shape.

Tone down falsies and opt for individual lashes like Blink & Go professional individuals strategically placed at the top, outer corner of the eyes. Alternatively go for a strip lash that is only slightly more ‘wow’ than a natural strip lash like Eylure Romantic for a natural curl. Expert Tip: Once applied, use a fine brush to fill in any gaps at the lash roots with some waterproof gel liner. Don’t try and apply with full brush strokes, instead, wiggle the loaded brush between lash roots. You’re aiming for a very subtle line. If you’ve never worn fake lashes before try them out in advance of the day to get used to them.

You don’t want a look that requires masses of touch-ups otherwise you’ll spend most of your time in the powder room! Expert Tip: After makeup application, invest in a product that sets makeup like professional Japanese makeup brand, SUQQU’s Make Fix Mist. Spray 15 centimetres away from the face, evenly and your look will last and last.

For the Wedding Guest

“You just can’t get away with your everyday look at a wedding, but there’s a fine line between looking the part and over-shadowing the blushing bride.

Bride or not, you need to start off with radiant skin which glows in the outdoors and radiates health when you step indoors. Invest in a light-reflecting foundation to give the illusion of a good night’s sleep. Try out a foundation that glides-on and leaves a flawless satin finish like Givenchy Subli’mine Sculpt Light Foundation and if you cannot get the perfect shade, don’t be afraid to blend two shades to get it. The Expert Tip: Most people think that you need to cover every square centimetre of the face with foundation but most can get away with restricting application to where you actually need it – around the eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure you blend well with a clean brush or fingers to ensure the colour is evenly spread and melts into the skin.

If you are going to use a shimmer-powder make sure you use a colour that flatters your skin tone, not a colour that matches your dress, bag or shoes! Bella Pierre has an incredible selection of shimmer powders in skin-flattering shades such as Champagne, Celebration, Harmony, Snowflake and Twilight. The Expert Tip: Apply a light dusting of shimmer powder under the eyebrow to open-up the eyes for a wide-awake look and if you want to apply onto the lids, make sure you blend with some carefully chosen non-shimmer shadow so as not to overdo it.

Finally, the last thing you want is to leave embarrassing lipstick stains all over your glass after each toast. Opt for a long-lasting lipstick and apply with caution. The Expert Tip: When purchasing your lipstick shade for the occasion make sure you buy the exact same colour lip liner. Apply the liner all over the lips to provide a colour base and giving the lipstick something to cling to. Blot with a facial tissue and repeat the application process two to three times for extra-lasting power. Bobbi Brown’s Lip Liner Collection is so long-lasting and the shades are all very wearable. Dip your fingers in the drink and wet the rim of the glass before taking a sip – there’ll be no marks!”

The Rules: lastly there are some universal and non-negotiable rules to abide by, bride or not:
•    Ditch the glitter
•    Choose an eye OR lip focus
•    Enhance don’t cover
•    Loose the BIG lashes
•    Complement don’t coordinate
•    Opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner
To find out more you can also log on to and watch some easy-to-follow instructional makeup videos.

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