Versatile wedding outfit….

Hi Wedding Girl

I am getting married for the second time in May 2010 and I need some help with my outfit. As this is my second wedding I am not wanting to go for a traditional gown, I want something a little more low key. We are marrying in a registry office and then having a reception at our house in our communal gardens. I want an outfit that works for both parts of the wedding but also that I could possibly wear again after the wedding.

Anne – Humberside

Hi Anne

Lots of women are in the same position as you when they are marrying for the second time, they want something a little more low key than your usual wedding gown but still special so they feel like a bride and, more often than not, they want something that they can wear again! Well immediately DePloy jumps to mind. This fabulous company offer amazing bespoke outfits that are really gorgeous and versatile at the same time. All their bridal outfits are designed hand made and are completely customisable. They use this brilliant snap system whereby certain parts of the outfit can be added or removed so, for example, the top part of the dress and the bottom skirt part are joined by poppers (trust me you would never know when you look at them) so after the wedding you could wear the skirt alone or the top part alone. Another example could be that the train of your dress detaches so that after the ceremony you can take the train off for the garden party. Sleeves can be detached turning a winter evening dress in to a summer dress, the options are endless and they will work without ever ideas you have to help bring your dream dress to life!

They also have a whole range of dresses that are reversible, so it could be cream on one side for the wedding and then powder blue on the other side perfect for your honeymoon. You could even mix it up a bit my switching between the two coloured sashes to create different looks! The shorter versions of these dresses are perfect for bridesmaids, especially if they are paying for their own dresses as they would definitely get lots of use out of these long after the wedding

They are so versatile you will get incredible value for your money!

To find out more about DePloy visit their website