Skin Products for my h2b….

Hello Wedding Girl, I have a question from my h2b for you. He is wanting to buy some male products to get his skin in to good shape bef0re the wedding. We only have about 6 weeks to go but really don’t know where to look. Any suggestions for him?


Corrine/David – Newcastle

Hi Corrine/David,

I have had a couple of questions recently from brides looking for good products for their h2b to use before the wedding. I will be doing a comprehensive review at the end of the month outlining lots of different options. In the meantime, I would suggest trying the Clinique for Men website

The new site includes fantastic tools such as product application videos, skin concern solutions, a skin analysis tool and a guy friendly shopping basket and checkout function. Prices start from £10. Also your h2b will get to 2 free samples with any online purchase, which will be great for taking on your honeymoon.