Share Your Wedding Worldwide…

Whilst searching for a suitable wedding website product to communicate her own wedding day to friends and family, Lyndsay Samuel realised that although many of those currently available fulfilled some of her needs, such as information on herself and her partner, wedding & reception locations, travel arrangements etc. the things that all of these products lacked was the quality of their designs and their ability to involve her guests.

So the idea for Worldwide Wedding was born, to include all of the features of what was currently available from other wedding websites, but with one other unique feature. once guests have been invited to the wedding website they can upload their own Photo Albums and Video Clips to be viewed by everyone else!

This allows both the wedding couple and all of their guests to view and comment on the images taken by each other at the wedding ceremony, reception, even the stag and hen parties! Keeping all of the media in one easily
accessible, central hub, with the option of guest access controlled through password protection, means you get to share your wedding experience online, only with those you wish to.

With people sharing so much of their lives with others through social media websites, such as facebook and twitter, Lyndsay believes that there has never been a better time for a customised wedding website product like Worldwide Wedding to be used as an integral part of a wedding couples plans.

Their wedding websites come in two forms  12 months and 18 months duration. Both packages benefit from all of the standard features of a wedding website and can both be upgraded with additional storage space and the duration extended at any point. Prices start from £29.95

You can find out more about Worldwide Wedding sor get started on your own wedding website at