Seasonal Make-up tips from Estee Lauder’s Global Make-up Artist Alan Pan

This morning I got the opportunity to pick the brains of Estee Lauder’s global make-up artist Alan Pan on how to achieve the perfect look at different times of the year.

How can a bride make sure her make-up stays put during hot summer months and does not dry out and lose it’s ‘dewyness’ in the dryer, harsher winter weather? And do they need different products/techniques in Summer and Winter?

Never forget how important exfoliating the skin is, whatever the season. By revealing fresher, radiant skin – your foundation will look smoother and last longer. Next apply a serum based on your specific skin requirements.

In the winter I always use a luminous liquid highlighter and mix it with foundation to create a dewy, healthy glow. Makeup is generally heavier in the winter so this softens a full-coverage foundation and refreshes dry, dull skin. I love long wearing foundations as they last all day without you worrying about touching up or smudges.

In the summer brides may want to opt for a lighter foundation for a naturally-sheer, flawless finish – opt for one with an SPF too so you are protected when you’re out in the sun posing for your wedding photographs.

Always apply foundation with a foundation brush as this will not only give you a flawless finish but will ensure that you do not apply excess foundation. Sweep the brush gently all over your face to increase the skin’s luminosity and to make sure you have everywhere covered. I’d also suggest using a crème blusher as this will make skin look dewier.

• And how about colour to suit your skin tone and how it may change from the summer to winter months?

Skin tone changes throughout the year and it is very important to make sure that you wear the right foundation whatever the occasion but especially on your wedding day with all eyes on you! In general your skin will be drier, paler and more prone to breaks outs in the winter due to constant temperature extremes – cold temperatures outside one minute to artificial heating in offices and homes the next. During the summer months skin looks at its best as we tend to use a little fake tan to appear sun-kissed and healthier as well as less heat extremes. Remember that what suited your skin in winter may not suit you in the height of summer and you may have caught some colour since you were last matched to a foundation so make sure you match it near to your wedding day.

My top tip to finding the right colour foundation is to ask the professionals at a beauty counter. You can visit any Estée lauder counter nationwide and book yourself in for an iMatch consultation. The iMatch™ Makeup Finder lists Estée Lauder’s entire Foundation portfolio and helps locate the customer’s perfect formula by their skin type, benefit (firming, transfer resistant, lifting, matte etc), coverage and finish so it’s the best way to find the ideal foundation. There is no consultation fee and you can take a complimentary 10 day sample of the chosen foundation home with you to try.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Berry and plum colours aren’t exclusive to winter weddings just as peach and nudes don’t have to be saved for the spring and summer months. Have a play at home with different looks and colours, take some photos and see which colours suit you. If you don’t normally wear lipstick, try a gloss. You want to look like an enhanced version of yourself rather than a completely new person so make sure you feel comfortable. Like Mrs Estée Lauder once said, “your makeup should never precede you but walk with you.”

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