Rock My Hair 2016 Bride Collection

Inspired by the icons of the 1930’s, Ines Damour created a glamorous 2016 collection of headbands and hair accessories, mixing old styles and and current trends.

Brides are offered a variety of styles to chose from. From the traditional romantic crown of flowers, to a more modern leather made breaded headband or a delicate combination of white feathers and gold chain… There is a style for every bride, from the most traditional one to the most daring. And if you cannot find the style you are dreaming of, the designer will create it for you!

Designed and handmade in France this collection brings together the best of the French Couture savoir-faire with a luxurious array of materials.

The brands also includes a kids collection, so you can even coordinate your flower girls hairstyles with yours!

Rock My Hair Bride collection is entirely made to measure, prices start at £50.

You can see the full collection and get in touch with the designer at