Photo Booth Spotlight…

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 15.12.06One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is having a photo booth at your reception to capture all the fun and frolicks! I have attended a few weddings recently where they have had photo booths at their evening parties and they were definitely the biggest hit of the night. Everyone loved them, from the brides and grooms to their 90 year old grandparents! Not only does a photo booth provide lots of fun on the night but the pictures will be a lasting memory of your wedding for both you and your guests!

The one thing I have noticed is that there is a huge difference in quality between the various photo booth offerings and surprisingly enough it doesn’t just seem to be based on your budget. The type of cameras and printers that are used in the booth play a huge part in the quality of the images and some booth companies offer more features such as HD video (which makes for some hysterical video messages to the happy couple) and iPad integration where guests can immediately upload their pictures to their Facebook and Twitter and even email copies to themselves or other people. With all of these factors to consider it is super important to do your homework or go with a company who have been recommended or who you truly feel are offering you a great quality service.

I have looked around at a lot of photo booth companies and for me there is a clear leader in the market, Blue Steel Booths. This is the company I have chosen to go with for my own wedding and after bombarding them with what probably felt like a million questions, I have no doubt in my mind that they will be delivering a top quality service on the night!!

As I have done all the research I thought I would share with you why I chose to go with Blue Steel Booths…

Listed as one of the top 25 best small businesses in the UK as part of the, Blue Steel Booths are not just another company jumping on the photo booth bandwagon. Launched in 2011, Blue Steel Booths is run by photographers so was born from their love and passion of photography. They wanted to launch the very best company specialising in fully customisable photo and HD video booths.

The quality of the equipment used to produce their images is their top priority. All of their booths use high quality DSLR cameras, not webcams, and all of the individual images taken in the booth are professionally enhanced after the event in their photography studio.

When looking at other photo booth companies you will find that most don’t offer you everything you want: great quality images, but no video messaging; video messaging but no social media; social media but only one set of prints!  Blue Steel Booths offer everything you could want: high quality images, HD video messaging, the option of double prints and guestbook (one print out for your guests to take away and one print out for them to stick in your guest book with a handwritten message), iPad social media integration, Green Screens, personalised and customized layout for your prints, themed props plus a disc of all your enhanced images and a secure image gallery after your wedding.  Of course they also have an amazing selection of different booth styles to choose from.

They also offer a bespoke tailoring package which allows you to do completely customise the outside of your booth so you can make sure that it fits in perfectly with your wedding theme and venue.

The Booths

All of the booths are high end, fully customisable, technology-loaded photo and HD video booths.

For a comfortable fit, the booths seat 3-4 people, but I’ve been told they have had up to 8 in there before!

All the booths use top of the range Canon DSLR cameras which provide a clear, crisp image for all photos. The printers are Mitsubishi sub dye printers that produce top quality photo prints in 8-10 seconds. The combination of a quality camera and high end printer is key to the look and feel of your photos. These are the same printers you will find in any professional photo printing shop.

In each of the photo booths you will find a top-of-the-range touch screen computer. To start, you simply choose if you want photos or HD videos. The screen then asks you to select a colour, black and white or sepia image. The booth then starts, and off you go!

The booth is mainly set to take 4 photos in quick succession, but can be programmed to take any number. The gap between shots is preset to 5 seconds – this should give you just enough time to change your props in between shots! The screen displays a live image of you in the booth, so you can see exactly how you will look before the camera goes off. After each photo is taken, you see a short review of the image pop up on screen so you can admire your poses!

One of the most fun parts of using the booth is the dressing up. Blue Steel Booths packages include a large prop box which includes fancy dress items such as wigs, glasses, hats, photo frames, chalk boards and more! They also offer a themed prop service whereby they can purchase theme specific props tailored to your wedding theme.

An increasingly popular aspect of the booths is the HD video recording capability. This allows your guests to record a personal message in a private environment. The recording is preset to 30 seconds per message but these can be preset to almost any time length.

The booths are easy to assemble and can be erected and ready to use in almost any space within an hour.



Blue Steel Booths packages start from just £495. All packages come with a Blue Steel Booth attendant to help your guests and include the following:

  • Full set up, break down and delivery
  • A staff member for the duration of the hire – no wet fish here, our staff are part of the party!
  • Print customisation – edit text, colour schemes and/or add logos
  • UNLIMITED booth visits for the duration of hire
  • A jam packed prop box themed to the booth of your choice
  • Colour and black & white print options (or sepia in our vintage booth)
  • A secure password protected web gallery with free downloads to view post event
  • A CD or USB of all photos and videos delivered post event

Blue Steel Booths offer 4 different style booths, The Party Booth, the Vintage Booth, the Brit Booth and the Airstream.


The Party Booth Includes:

  • Hires of 3 + hours available
  • Stylish gloss black exterior
  • 6×4 postcard style prints in colour or B&W
  • Full prop box – fun hats, glasses, wigs etc
  • Red, white or black curtain, or green screen
  • UNLIMITED booth visits for the duration of the hire
  • Print customisation (logos and/or text etc) and choice of print layout
  • As well as all the inclusions listed at the top of this page


The Vintage Booth Includes:

  • Hires of 3 hours + available
  • Elegant vintage style exterior
  • 6×2 traditional passport style strips in a vintage colour, sepia or B&W
  • Vintage prop box – bowlers, top hats, moustaches on sticks, picture frames etc
  • Vintage curtain or backdrop
  • UNLIMITED booth visits for the duration of the hire
  • Print customisation (logo and / or some small text)
  • As well as all the inclusions mentioned at the top of this page


The Brit Booth Includes:

  • Retro British Inspired exterior – The Beatles, London double decker bus and London road signs
  • British inspired props – it’s quite a collection!
  • Your choice of passport strips or 6×4 shaped prints
  • Union Jack backdrop to all photos
  • UNLIMITED use of the booth for the hire period
  • Print customisation
  • Full HD video recording capability


The Airstream – Prices from £1800, Includes:

Perfect for glamourous parties and outdoor events. This is a photo booth in a 1950’s airstream caravan. Guests take their photo at one end and then chill in 50’s bench seating at the other to print and upload pictures to Facebook.


Optional Extras

Full booth re-skin: £595

Individual panels available from: £119

Guestbook with double prints: £100

Theme specific props: POA

Additional hours of booth operation: £100 p/hour

Idle hours: £30 p/hour

Choice of hundreds of additional curtain designs: £49 – £99

Design costs: POA

iPad social media integrations – Facebook, Twitter and email uploads: £195


Blue Steel Booths, have already done over 250 events, with another 100 already booked this year, so if you want to book them you better hurry up and get intouch.

You can find out more about Blue Steel Booths on their website or call them on 0203 638 6212 or email