Skype Skin Consultations

With your wedding being one of the biggest days of your life and all eyes on you, it’s no wonder we want to look picture perfect for such an important occasion. But not all of us have the luxury of being able to access a great skin specialist, that is until now!

Face the Future are a well established skin clinic who understand that not everyone has the time or means to visit a skin clinic in person, so as well as offering face-to-face consultations at their clinic in West Yorkshire, they now also offer online consultations via Skype.

Face the Future have consulted with hundreds of bride’s to make sure their skin is picture perfect for there big day. They have seen lots of different types of skin condition’s and concerns and have tailor made skin care treatments and homecare routines to suit each clients specific needs.

They started to offer free Skype consultations to help busy brides get advice on their skin when they weren’t able to make it to the clinic. A Skype consultation allows brides to have their consultation in the comfort of their own home at a time convenient to them.

Face the Future also offer a bespoke home service that involves one of their specialists visiting you at home with a skin analysis machine. This means they can talk through the photographs the analysis machine has taken and actually show you what is happening underneath your skin. It really is amazing.

I decided to try out the Skype consultaion. It started with me filling out a form online to give them all the information they needed about my skins current condition, the products I currently use etc. This was the followed by a Skype consultation at a time that was convenient to me. The consultation lasted about half an hour and we discussed all my concerns about my skin and through the Skype camera they were able to get a really good close-up look at my skin. My consultant then talked me through the products she thought would give me the best results.  Many of the products Face the Future stock are specialised, higher strength products that are not generally available off the shelf from department stores and chemists, so will often give better results for problem skin.

My products arrived in the post a few days later and I was excited to get started with using them. After a few weeks I definitely started to see an improvement with my skin and I have been really happy with the results.

I would definitely recommend this service to any bride who is wanting to improve her skin but isn’t able to get to a skin clinic in person for a consultation.

You can find out more about Face the Future at