Not another department store gift list…..

I’m so excited!! Following on from the successful launch of their Weddings and Parties category last year, has just announced its new personal Wedding List Service. So I headed over to check it out…..

The first thing that I love is that they offer you access to your own experienced personal consultant to help you through the entire gift list process from getting started online to selecting the gifts which best reflect your own personal style. Unlike many of the high street giants who will leave you to fend for yourself with a scanning device, your personal consultant will be on hand to guide you as much, or a little, as you would like, ensuring that you are happy with your gift selection and that you have a wedding list that your friends and family will be excited about and delighted to buy from.

You can choose from absolutely any of the products on their website – they currently offer over 25,000 different gifts from around 800 different sellers. Once your list is filled with lots of gorgeous goodies you can login to your list to add, delete, replace and view gifts at any time. You can also check the progress of the list and see which gifts have been bought.

They can even supply you with specially designed gift list notification cards which you can include with your wedding invitations so that you can subtly let your guests know where you will be holding your list. Alternatively, you can use the “tell my friends” facility to email up to 15 friends at a time with a link and details on how to access your list

They are also one of the only services who dispatch a gift within days of it being paid for by your guest, with the option for the guest to have it delivered straight to you or to the their home address so they can wrap it and bring it to the wedding. Many of the gifts also come gift wrapped (just look for the gift wrap logo next to the products) and the guests can also write a personal message to accompany the gift.

You can also choose how much you find out about the gifts bought from your list. You have three options for what’s displayed on your view of the wedding list page:

  1. See what’s been bought and by whom – for those who like to be fully in the know.
  2. See what’s been bought but not by whom – for those who like a little mystery.
  3. See what’s left only – for those with the strongest willpower!

So if a toaster is not what you are looking for and you want gifts that are a little bit more special and unique then this is definitely the list for you!

To find out more about the gift list simply click here