Lovely Liquid Favours…

Liquid gifts are always a hit at weddings and Demijohn has created the most delicious range of wedding favours in personalised bottles!!

As a continental style liquid deli, Demijohn allows the bride and groom to choose the size and shape of the glass bottle and the delicious liqueur, whisky or spirit to go inside. They will also write a free message of your choice on the bottle.

The range of drinks is both huge and wonderful. I tried the summery Raspberry Vodka, with its brilliant red colour and smooth flavour of Scottish raspberries infused with vodka. The h2b tried the unusual Damson Gin Liqueur which he couldn’t get enough of! For a more Scottish wedding favour you could choose the Bramble Scotch Whisky liqueur which brings together the flavours of Scotland in a wonderfully rich and fruity tasting alcoholic drink. 

Demijohn offer 3 miniature bottles, the charming 40ml Apotheker bottles from £3.96 each to the most popular slender teardrop shaped 100ml Goccia and the 100ml Mystic cube shaped bottles from £6 each.

These personalised and bespoke wedding favours not only look great on the tables but also give your guests a memento they will both enjoy and keep. Demijohn also offer a wide range of larger bottles which would make great gifts for your bridesmaids, best man or parents! My personal favourite is the Heart shaped bottle (from £20) which I think would look great as centrepieces on the tables and make a lovely after diner tipple for your guests to enjoy! I have even kept my bottles and filled them with olive oil and vinegar which looks great in my kitchen and on the table when friends come over for dinner. Oh and if you live in Scotland, you can even take your bottles back in to one of their stores to be refilled.

Have a look at their range on their website

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