Look Fabulous Forever – Review

I always get brides and their mothers writing in to ask about good make-up brands for mothers of the brides (and groom) to use on their son or daughter’s big day. Until now I was always quite stumped, I never really knew of a brand that is specifically for maturer women, that was until a couple of months ago when I came across an amazing make-up brand called Look Fabulous Forever. They even do a set called Mother of The Bride or Groom Collection. After asking around I heard so many fantastic things about this brand, I just knew we had to try it out on one of our mother of the brides. So we got in touch with one of our readers who had recently contacted us asking for a recommendation and asked her to put the Mother of The Bride collection to the test.

This is where I pass you over to our guest mother of the bride Amanda to tell us what she thought.


So the Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Collection and the Fabulous Brush Collection arrived and I knew I had to bite the bullet and put a lifetime of wearing no make-up behind me.

With the wedding looming ever closer I knew I’d better get some practice in before the ‘big day’. I was so impressed with the collection, it has absolutely everything you need from foundation and concealer to blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and all the primers. Prior to the Collection arriving I had watched some of the videos on the extremely user friendly and informative website and if it hadn’t been for those I would scarcely have known what a Primer was, let alone how to use one. I’d always thought it was something you put on a door before you painted it, so I guess putting it on under your foundation makes sense.

Oh My God, Fabulous Prime is… well, it’s absolutely fabulous. It is so light and just melts into your skin making it feel so soft and silky and I was tempted not to even continue with the foundation.  But needs must and after a quick video recap I proceeded with applying the Fabulous Base. I had opted for colour 02 which was a perfect match, and I quickly got the hang of applying it with a ‘real’ make up brush  (Foundaton Brush 3), which really did help it goes on much more evenly than with my fingers. One of the main reasons I had given up wearing make up was that every single foundation I tried (even when I was younger) caused dry skin around my nose and forehead area, regardless of how much mosituriser or night cream I used. Hand on heart, the LFF foundation is the first one ever that hasn’t done this and really does make my skin look flawless.

So far so good.. next step Concealer and Fabulous Light.

As luck would have it, no spots or blemishes… touch wood it will be like that on the ‘big day’ with no nasty surprises, so I just added a little Conceal to the inner corners of my eyes, which looked a little on the blue side and having the Conceal match the foundation gave me extra confidence. It was extremely easy to blend in and I really couldn’t see any blending lines at all.

One of the very few make up products I have ever used is the YSL Touche Eclat, so the Fabulous Light had a lot to live up to. You have to pump the pen at least twenty times with the very first application, but once it appears on the brush, it goes on like magic and my whole eye area looked so light, but most importantly very natural.

On to eyes and time for another primer. So long since I’ve worn make up I don’t think such a thing existed back in the Seventies. Again the Eye Primer matched the foundation perfectly and while it dried I had a go with the blusher. I’m not really sure yet if I have warm or cool skin tones; with brown hair and brown eyes I think I have warm tones and the Peach Cream Blusher seemed to bring this out. On the rare occasions when I have tried to use blusher, I’ve always thought it looked so false and not a bit like blushing cheeks on a cold winter day, but the cream to powder formula and colour looked amazing. Seriously, the very first day I wore it, about 6 people said to me that I looked so well and had a lovely colour to my cheeks and I swear this was completely down to the blusher. You have to put on more than you think you’ll need, so it almost looks too much, but when you blend it in with the Blusher Brush (No 2) it just melts seamlessly into your cheeks. Watch the video though, to make sure you put the blusher in the correct place. It makes a huge different.

Back to eyes. Applying the Lid colour is easy; I had Silver Mist, which I did like, but it is a cool tone and next time I think I will try the warmer Golden Mist. Then I attempted to apply Fabulous Eye shade (Taupe) with the correct blending brush (7). I love the colour, but I am going to need some practice at putting it on in the right place; I don’t want to look like a panda at the wedding, so back to watching a couple of videos on Eyes. Did I say already the videos are so good; not only are they very instructional, but they explain why we should do certain things and why certain products look better on older skin than others. The mascara, although not lengthening was easy to apply, didn’t clump and pretty much stayed on all day without smudging, very important on the big day incase of any tears.

That just leaves my luscious lips… well not any more, lush left my lips long ago. Where do your lips go as you get older and why aren’t they so defined. I had a beautiful heart shaped mouth with lovely full lips in my twenties and thirties; now – I’m not sure where my bottom lip ends and my chin begins, just one blurry mass really. So on with another primer and then Fabulous Lip Colour.  Using the lip brush (5) definitely helps define the lips better and the lipstick stays on longer, it really did last pretty well. But I am lazy by nature, so I suspect I’ll often skip the lip brush and apply directly to my lips.

So that’s it…. All made up and nowhere to go!  YET!

Seriously though, I have been wearing the make up for several weeks now leading up to the big day, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I have had about how young and how well I look. I can’t believe at the age of 62 I have become one of those women who won’t go out without their make up on! That’s how much I love Look Fabulous Forever products. I am going to feel so much more confident at my daughter’s wedding, now i just need to worry about my outfit!

I would highly recommend their products to any mother of the bride, even if you are not confident with wearing make-up, with all the tutorials on their website you will become a pro in no time. I have already passed on the website to some friends, including my future son in law’s mother, and here comes another bonus from Look Fabulous Forever… if your friend orders, you get £10 off your next order and they get 15% off their first order. Win, win, I’d say.