Lonely Planet introduces first Honeymoon travel guide

Getting married may be the best excuse there is to take the romantic getaway you and your partner have always dreamed about. The Honeymoon Handbook by Lonely Planet is the essential planning tool for making that dream come true. 

Lonely Planet knows how important honeymoons are –  Lonely Planet founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, started the company after embarking on their own honeymoon in 1972, a holiday that turned into the trip of a lifetime across Europe, Asia and Australia. 

The Honeymoon Handbook features over 25 of the most exciting locations for couples – from Andalucía to Zambia. It starts with a quiz to determine what kind of trip to take based on what you both love the most, whether that’s wildlife-spotting in the Serengeti, cruising around Havana in a vintage American car or diving with turtles in Bali. Set your heart racing with real adventures tailored to you as a couple. 

Beyond the destination sections, The Honeymoon Handbook also offers safari, luxury, island and family-themed getaway ideas, among others, as well as advice on getting married abroad and minimoons if your epic trip has to wait. Other features include a honeymoon calendar helping you decide where to go when, budget breakdowns and an LGBT-friendly indicator for same-sex couples.  

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