Have Your Wedding Dress Framed

A wedding dress is so much more than just pieces of fabric. For many brides, their wedding dress is the embodiment of their personal style and unique love story. However, once the confetti has been thrown and flowers have been dried, what do you do with your treasured gown?

Mother and daughter team, Sam and Charlotte, have come up with the ideal solution with the launch of their new business, offering a framing service for wedding dresses in beautiful hand-crafted bespoke 3D frames.

The idea for The Beautiful Frame Company came up following Charlotte’s wedding day when she didn’t know what to do with her bridal gown. “I wanted to have my dress on display where I could continue to enjoy it, rather than it being forgotten about at the back of my wardrobe,” she explains. “I had the idea of having it 3D mounted and framed but couldn’t find anywhere here in the UK that offered this service so I thought I’d just do it myself!”

The framed dress received so much positive feedback that Charlotte decided to partner with her mum and offer the service to other brides in the same position.

Having both come from a creative background, they went on specialist courses to learn more about framing and preservation techniques and have since been recognised by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Each frame is crafted by hand and is made to order so that it is tailored to the style of the dress as well as the personality of the couple and their home. The process involves modelling the dress to show off the best angle or a particular detail before the mount design and frame style are chosen. With no limitation on colour or material, couples can choose any finish from mirror mounts to dovetailed oak frames. 

The framing service is not just about displaying a wedding dress but also preserving it to last as long as possible. Every detail is considered to ensure the dress is not damaged, from using PH balanced, conservation grade materials to stitching through seams to keep the dress in place.

“People are always surprised when they learn that everything is done by hand from cleaning and preserving the dress to crafting the frames”, says Sam.

Prices start at £600 for a dress to be framed and other items such as accessories, shoes and buttonholes can also be framed.

For more information visit: http://www.thebeautifulframecompany.com

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