Go For Gold!

With all the stress of wedding planning, it’s easy to lose perspective and let things get on top of you. That’s why I decided that every now and then when things got stressful, I would treat myself to something absolutely lovely that was completely non wedding related. It didn’t matter how cheap or expensive it was, it just had to be something that would put a smile on my face!

Which brings me on to my latest discovery of the most gorgeous bags and purses from ethical brand Betty & Betts. Because every single one of their bags is ethically produced, you can treat yourself and know you are doing something good at the same time!

I fell in love with their gorgeous gold leather tote bag and it hasn’t left my shoulder since the day it arrived on my doorstep.

But what’s so special about this beautiful bag you ask?

Every time you buy a beautiful Betty product you continue the story of two English girls who met in Bangalore. Overwhelmed by the poverty around them they hatched a dream, to build a future for people who have been forgotten.

A job has a massive effect on our lives! A fact many of us take for granted. However when free education and health care is not available its that pay check at the end of the month that will ensure we have good food on the table, the right medication, great doctor available and an education that will inspire the next generation to greatness.

So buying a Betty handbag has a special domino affect.  A simple choice to buy something you love that is fair-trade knocks out a bunch of change for a whole new generation of healthy, intelligent and self-sufficient people. Why would you not want to be involved in that?! Its world changing!

Not that this was enough?! All bags are made with 100% leather, with a surprising lining of organic cotton, which is hand printed with delicate designs inspired by the owners 4 years living in India.  All this is carefully packed in a dust cover to keep it looking Betty beautiful.

So go on… treat yourself and feel good too!