Forget the Cupcakes…


Forget the cupcakes this season it’s all about the eclair!

From hen parties to your big day there is nothing more tasty and beautiful than these works of art from Maitre Choux.

Maître Choux is the brainchild of brilliant young pastry chef Joacim Prat. Choux pastry is a light dough that rises in the oven, leaving the inside soft and hollow and the outside golden and crispy. A staple of every patisserie in France, it is a very malleable yet simple bakery base. In the hands of Joakim, it is transformed into something quite extraordinary.

As visually stunning as they are delicious, Joakim’s hand-crafted designs are baked throughout the day in the state-of-the-art kitchen at Maître Choux’s South Kensington shop. Bringing a contemporary twist to a classic French speciality, these are veritable works of art. Éclairs range from Salted Butter with Home-made Caramel and Arabica Coffee to Persian Pistachio and Spanish Raspberry Pink, whilst the choux à la crème include such irresistible varieties as Tahitian Vanilla and Italian Lemon.

Orders can also be taken for bespoke designs. Find out more at