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I’m getting married next year in Greece – Rhodes. We are marrying on the 3rd of September and I don’t know what flowers are in season at that time of year and what websites I can go to have a look at bridal bouqets as I live in Australia. I would like plain and simple white flowers for the day. I hope you can help or direct me in the right direction

Many thanks
Michell – Australia

Hi Michelle,  I spoke to the Flowers & Plants Association and they told me that the flowers growing in Australia are very different to the ones florists will have in their shops in Greece so it is definitely a good idea for you to do a little research. Holland is the biggest flower supplying nation in Europe and Greece import some of their flowers from there. If you want simple, white flowers, roses will always be a good choice and you will be able to buy these in Greece.

You can look at other flowers you might like to use by searching the database on, you can search for flowers by colour:
Not all the flowers on this database will be available in Greece, but it’s a good starting point, and you will be able to gather together pictures to show the florist in Greece.

You may  benefit from organising your wedding flowers through the wedding venue you have chosen in Greece. Many wedding holiday destinations have all the facilities needed to cater for brides for their big day and can organise everything required from the flowers to the catering. You should check to see if they can send you a catalogue or a list of recommended forists.

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