Unifying Bridesmaids Gifts….

I’m looking for a thank you gift to give to my 3 bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding. I want something that will be a unifying accessory that they can wear on the day as they are not wearing bridesmaids dresses (they are all wearing black dresses and satin black shoes).

Carrie – Dublin

Hi Carrie, a unifying accessory is a lovely way to bring the look together for the bridesmaids and a bold statement piece will be perfect to make the girls stand out. I adore this crystal Bordeaux Heart Pendant with LOVE engraved on it from Swarovski. It will look wonderful on the day and make a spacial keepsake that they can hold onto for years to come to remind them of your happy day. This is also a necklace that they can wear any time outside of the wedding. Well worth the £78.

This can be bought in any Swarovski store or online at www.swarovski.com

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