Bobbi Brown’s Top Tips for Beach Wedding Make-up

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 was lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with world renowned make-up artist Bobbi Brown to find out all her top tips on achieving picture perfect make-up for beach weddings.


1. What would be your advice for beach brides in the lead-up to the wedding to get their skin looking fantastic?

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it is inevitably stressful, too.  And stress can wreck havoc with your skin.  Start taking extra good care of yourself as soon as possible.  Get the sleep you need, proper nutrition, and drink plenty of water.  Exercise regularly.  Go for long walks.  Do anything to keep stress at bay.

2. Are their any quick tricks on the day to perk up dull skin or tone down shiny skin?

You don’t want you skin to look shiny in pictures.  Make sure you ask your mother or bridesmaid to keep an eye on your shine quotient.  Even a little shine will look like a greasy glow in pictures, so take loose powder and a velour powder puff as a wedding-day carry-along.

Use a touch of bronzing powder to warm up your complexion – it adds a pretty glow to the skin that looks natural and sun kissed.  I love the bronzed look because it instantly makes you look healthier and more rested.   Self-tanners are good option for beach brides if they want a sun-kissed look that lasts a little longer than the glow that you get from bronzing powder.  It is best to self tan a few days before the wedding so you get a natural looking tan.

3. When it comes to wedding make-up should a bride go with the trends or go classic?

For my wedding day I chose a look that reflected my fresh, simple style: a rosy lipstick, soft, wavy hair and a white tailored jacket with a matching mini skirt.  I felt beautiful and more importantly, I still felt like myself. If you’re a bride-to-be, my biggest advice is to go for a makeup look that enhances your features so you look like yourself at your most radiant.  Do your makeup as if you were going to a black tie event.  Everything should be stronger and pretty, even if it is a day wedding.

4. Should all the bridesmaids have matching makeup?

Beauty is about embracing what you have naturally – not conforming to an unobtainable standard, or looking like everyone else.  No two people look the same, so keep the makeup pretty and polished with colours that suit each bridesmaid’s complexion.  You want them to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day too.

5. How important is it for wedding makeup to be consistent with the wedding’s style and colors?

This is not the moment to try anything tricky or novel, nor is it time to experiment with the makeup look of the moment. Makeup trends change as quickly as fashion ones – the last thing you want is to be trapped in this moments trendy makeup in the photographs in your wedding album.  Chances are you’ll regret it.  And similarly if your wedding style is purple and white, you probably will not want to reflect that with a purple eye shadow.  Fresh, pretty and simple makeup will always be classic and timeless.

6. What is the most common mistake brides make when doing their own make-up?

A common mistake women make is to pile on extra makeup for the photos without really stopping to analyze what they’re doing.  For outdoors or beach photography you will need to touch up your makeup but just do three things: concealer, blush and lip gloss.  Just do that, and I guarantee you will be much happier.

7. What is a really quick way to take your bridal make-up from a day look to an evening look?

If you want to add glamour to your day makeup for the evening event, add intensity to the eyes with a stronger eye liner in Black gel ink. Lining underneath the eyes will also give a more striking effect.

8. For a beach wedding you don’t want your make-up too heavy, How does one ensure their photographs will still come out well?

Flash photography emphasizes pink tones, so be sure to even out skin-tone with a yellow-based foundation.  The fresher way to wear foundation is spot-applied just where the skin needs to be evened out, or pinkish tones need to be corrected.  Also, this is a good time to become a master of concealer – concealer is the first thing I apply after cleansing and moisturizing.  After covering up undereye circles, you’ll often find that you don’t need as much foundation as you thought you did.

Neutral and pale lip colours look washed out in photographs, so make sure you choose a brighter shade of pink, rose or plum.  Rich Color Gloss is a great product for your wedding day as it offers the look and benefit of three products in one: the full coverage of a lipstick, the soft shine of a gloss, with a formula that will moisturize and condition lips throughout the day.

The best eye makeup formula for a beach wedding is one that’s long wearing.  Long wearing eye shadows and liners have a water-resistant formula that’s crease-proof and stays put all day long.  This will keep your makeup light and simple but will still look bright and fresh in your wedding day photographs.  After applying all your eye makeup finish with a highlighter shade in white or ivory on the brow bone to make the eyes really pop.

9. Should beach brides use make-up with SPF?

Yes – if you are spending any amount of time outside or in the sun I would recommend investing in an SPF moisturiser to wear under your makeup.  By using a cream or moisturizer that contains SPF 15 or higher, you can help protect your skin from the environment and the sun’s damaging rays.  If you plan to be outdoors for long periods of time, I recommend using a higher SPF for more coverage.  And, combining formulas with different levels of SPF will not add up to a higher level of protection, so be sure to buy the exact SPF that’s right for your skin type. And, don’t forget about your lips—SPF 15 Lip Balm is perfect for hydrating and protecting your lips from harmful UV rays.

10. Any tricks to stop your make-up melting off your face in the sun?

It’s easy to control oiliness in your T-zone area with these steps: Consider switching to an oil-free foundation for the day.  The formula is designed to have a matte finish and helps tone down oiliness, so will look flawless in photography.  Be sure to dust pressed or loose powder on these problem areas too.  When choosing makeup formulas opt for powder formulas like powder blush and powder eye shadow, rather than cream formulas, which can look greasy on oily skin.

11. What are your top 3 tips for beach brides?

1) If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a dusting of Bronzing Powder.

2) Avoid getting too much sun before the wedding.  A red face is never attractive in a picture, and tan lines may look silly with your dress.

3) Choose smudge proof eye makeup formulas

13. What are your top 3 must-have products for beach brides?

1) A purse size bottle of the scent you are wearing.

2) Carry a touch-up kit with concealer, pressed powder, and lipstick.

3) Tissues, mints, and a mini sewing kit are handy for emergency clothing fixes like a dropped hem or popped button.

14. Lastly, can you give our brides a quick Step by Step guide to doing their own make-up

Natural light is best for makeup application, so if possible, set up your makeup station near a window, or use a super bright lamp.

Concealer and foundation are the key to smooth, even skin.  Choose a shade of concealer that is not too white or too light since it can wash out your face, especially when wearing a white dress.  For natural warmth, choose a yellow-toned foundation and face powder that complement your skin tone – remembering to only apply foundation to the areas needed to keep the base light and fresh.

If you are wearing a low neckline, remember to apply powder and blush or bronzer lightly on your neck.

Use a white shadow as highlighter on your brow bone if you have light skin, a warm light peach or villas if you have darker skin.  Charcoal, navy or mahogany are great options for eyeliner.  In general keep shadow colours light to medium and try long wearing formulas for a smooth, even finish that will last all day.

Apply waterproof mascara, as it will last longer and withstand tears.

Remember to define brows but don’t make them too overpowering.

Make your everyday shade of blush look special with shimmery pink eye shadow.  Apply blush on the apples of cheeks, moving back towards the hairline, then downwards to blend.  Then, use your blush brush to apply a touch of the eye shadow just on the apples of cheeks.  Wear a pink blush if you are fair and a rose if you are dark. 

If you like the less “done” look of a lipstain, but wish it would stay on longer, try this do-it-yourself version using lipstick and blush.  Dab lipstick on lips with your fingertip.  To lock color in, rub your finger in powder blush that’s a similar shade, then press on lips.