Amanda Wyatt Launches Bridesmaid Collection

Amanda Wyatt has created a NEW line of bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid gowns are available in over 40 colour shades and 25 varying styles from short to long, strapless, one-shoulder neck and more.

Brides can effortlessly stylize each bridesmaid giving them their own unique personality on the big day to create fabulous wedding photographs.It’s a great way for your bridesmaids to interact with your wedding and feel truly comfortable with a gown to compliment their own unique body shapes.

The fabrics in the collection span from chiffon, satin, ratteta and lace and the gowns can be ordered in any style and to choose the exact colour and fabrics. You can choose bright pops of colour to gentler pastel shades to suit your bridesmaids complexions.

The dresses cover all ages from baby, teen to adult. Our bridal gowns are an effortless way to match your Amanda Wyatt bridal gown instantly with the bespoke bridesmaid collection. The dresses can be found nationwide in over 80 boutiques…