A little piece of chocolate heaven…

Girls, you are in for a treat, this Saturday I visited the award winning chocolatier Melt. In the heart of Notting Hill, on trendy Ledbury Road, this little shop of wonders introduced me to what chocolate should really taste like… once you try their chocolates, nothing else will ever seem as good!

I tried many, many chocolates while I was there and each one was as delicious as  the last but I will start with my top 3 for favours:

Their Champagne Truffles are to die for, not too alcoholic, but beautiful balls of melty goo. Simply bliss!

The girls will love the Raspberry, Mint and White Chocolate Bonbons! They sound a little strange but when you bite in to the white chocolate ball speckled with crystallised mint leaves, a beautiful raspberry centre oozes out, it’s absolutely divine!!

I don’t know what it is about their Sea Salted Bonbon, but it works!! It’s their Award-Winning (as presented by the Academy of Chocolate) bestseller; a soft butter caramel made in their kitchen with fresh organic cream, light brown sugar and bourbon vanilla delicately seasoned with Maldon sea salt and rolled in fine quality cocoa powder. This is one smooth, irresistible bonbon!

Of course, you are by no means limited to these, there are endless other choices to pick from:

The yummy Caramel Hearts are gorgeous, their raspberry-caramel ganache with soft hazelnut nougatine centre enrobed in dark chocolate will definitely melt your guests hearts.

For a dairy free option, the Jasmine Tea Truffle is superb and definitely a unique chocolate!

From the beautiful Butterfly Collection, the ginger and milk chocolate one is so amazing, I could eat a whole box of just these!!

The Love Bar makes a beautiful favour. Their popular milk chocolate and feuillantine bar, with a secret pocket in the sleeve would make a perfect favour/thank you card. You could write individual cards to thank people for coming to your wedding and stick it in the little pocket!!

I also have to mention the Raspberry Bonbon Lollipops, I thought this was just going to be a solid milk chocolate lollipop, but of course it wasn’t (why would I think that when it’s from this little chocolate heaven!). I bit in to it and the fruity raspberry and soft rose ganache filling came oozing out in to my mouth, wow!! These lollipops dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with silver balls and rose petals would look brilliant sticking out of sand filled vases as centrepieces.

If you just can’t choose with all the amazing choices, you can not go wrong with their house dark and milk chocolate truffles, a couple of these in one of their favour boxes with some personalised ribbon would make a perfect favour.

Lastly I’m going to leave you with my personal favourite item, the Hot Chocolate Blocks! This little cube of heaven is on a stick like a lollypop, you simply pop it in to a small cup of hot milk or cream and stir it in to create the most delicious thick hot chocolate drink you will ever taste! These would be perfect served after the main meal as a desert. £8 for 4 blocks.

And of course If you want something unique and special just for your wedding, then Melt offer a bespoke service. Just call them to discuss your requirements 020 7727 5030.

Melt can be found at 59 Ledbury Road Notting Hill, or you can order online at www.meltchocolates.com

For those of you who will be around Central London you can visit their concession in Selfridges.

If I haven’t made your mouth water enough then check out their 2 minutes video on Youtube, you will never crave chocolate more….