Top tips from celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole…

French-born Canadian make up artist Ariane Poole is a leading name in her field. Ariane has worked with an impressive list of celebrities including Catherine Zeta Jones, Sadie Frost, Uma Thurman, Yasmin Le Bon, Iman, Rachel Weiss, Christy Turlington, Anna Friel, Andie McDowell and Britney & Alex –the John Frieda Twins, to name but a few! Not to mention hundreds of Brides!

A regular face on GMTV and This Morning and beauty contributor to some of the worlds leading magazines, Ariane now shares her wedding beauty advice with The Wedding Girl…

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and of course you want to look your best. It’s important to think about your wedding day make-up in advance and to start you preparations as early as possible. I have outlined a nine month plan for you to follow, I hope this makes your wedding day make-up go as smoothly as possible.

Have a wonderful day!

Preparing for the Big Day

6-9 Months before:

Time to start thinking about your hair – Make an appointment with your hairdresser to discuss and try out hair styles. If you’re planning a big change such as colour or a cut this is the time to do it. If you are planning to grow your hair for your wedding style, check with your hairdresser you may not need to. They have great hair pieces that are called hair wefts. These are not weaves. They simply attach to your head and you can remove them at the end of the day or keep them in for a couple of days.

Brows – Eyebrows draw focus to the face and if they aren’t looking as good as they could you may not be looking as picture perfect as you could be. It is definitely worth consulting a brow specialist; there are specialists all over the country. They will help shape or reshape your brows and even help you fill in over plucked brows, whatever is needed to look great.

Hair Removal – If you are considering any laser hair removal, this is the time to do it as you may find that it takes several appointments for the best results.

Cosmetic Enhancements – If you are considering any cosmetic enhancement such as botox or fillers this is the time to see a specialist.

4-5 Months before:

Hands – Now that you have that engagement ring on your finger your hands are going to be on show more than ever! So start regularly using hand cream and if your nails aren’t looking as good as you’d like them to now is the time to start having regular manicures.

Glasses / Contact Lenses – If you are a glasses wearer and are either planning to swap frames or change to lenses, do it now so you get use to them.

Complexion – Get your complexion looking its best with monthly or bimonthly facials depending on your skin type. Also make sure you start a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Don’t have a facial during the week leading up to your wedding as a facial may bring out spots and cause some redness.

3 Months before:

Teeth – A bride’s smile is so important. It is the one thing you will be doing all day long. So if your teeth aren’t looking as dazzling as you want you should consider teeth whitening. You can go to your dentist for this and they can offer you different options or you can opt for an over the counter at home kit. Whether or not you choose to whiten them, make sure you keep them looking great by using a whitening tooth paste such as Pearl Drops Party Sparkle and flossing regularly.

Tan – This is the time to try out a false tan to see how you like it, how it looks with your dress and how it will affect your make-up. Start experimenting now so you don’t have any disasters or unpleasant surprises right before the wedding.

Your Wedding Look – Now is the time to start experimenting with different make-up looks. You definitely don’t want to leave it to your Wedding Day in case you are not happy with the end result and don’t do it any earlier unless you are certain your skin tone won’t change.

Check out the different bridal magazines or even look to your favourite celebs for ideas.
Remember you should look like you, only better, so if you don’t wear much make-up don’t be tempted to pile it on and if you like your make-up strong don’t opt for a soft natural look, you won’t feel right on the day.

2 Months Before:

Make-up – If you are using a professional make-up artist on the Big Day have a trial run so you feel confident and comfortable with your look. Now is the time for any fine-tuning.
Make sure to take a picture of the trial make-up so that you can check if the makeup looks how you want it to look. You must be completely happy with how you will look in the photos.

If you decide to do your make-up yourself, why not take advantage of the many cosmetic companies who offer free bridal makeovers. That way you can pick and choose colours, products and ideas that are best for you. Again make sure to take a picture.

Have a make-up run through with your bride’s maids. You need to be sure that everyone is looking like you want them to and everyone is feeling happy. Again take pictures.

1 Month Before:

Hair – Have your colour & cut refreshed.
Treatments – Get any body treatments such as seaweed wraps, exfoliating scrubs etc.

One week before:

Facial – Get final facial

Brows – Get your brow shape checked.

Tan – Top up your false tan.

Lips – Make sure your lips are kissabley smooth, use a lip balm regularly.

Pedicure – Get a pedicure even if your toes aren’t on show for on the day they will be on the honeymoon.

Teeth – Have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist.

1 Day Before:

Manicure – Get a manicure and pedicure.

Make-up – If you doing your own make-up make sure that you have everything you need.

Hair – Wash your hair the day before especially if you are wearing it up. Hair washed on the day is just too soft and won’t hold a do.

On the Day:

Hair & Make-up – Allow plenty of time to do your hair & make-up, you don’t want to feel rushed.
Make sure you do your hair and make-up before you put on your dress.
Have a towel handy and drape it over you to cover your dress for any last minute hair & make-up touch ups before you head out the door. You don’t want anything to fall on the dress.
All you’ll need to take with you for touch ups – shine absorbing sheets to blot up shine, lip colour and concealer.

Above all enjoy the moment.

The Make -up Essentials for Every Bride:

Your make-up doesn’t need to be heavier than usual for the photos. You just need the right techniques and the right products to look picture perfect.

Primer is a must. The right primer will keep your make-up on longer, your face shine free and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and large pores.

Even if you don’t wear a foundation it’s a good idea to use a light-weight one to even out your complexion, photos and videos tend to show every little thing.

Don’t be tempted to apply a darker foundation to get a healthy glow it will look awful, opt for an all over false tan instead.

A concealer palette is a must!! For dark circles or blemishes apply concealer after foundation or tinted moisturiser for the best results.

In photos too much shine looks sweaty, even if you want a dewy look, keep your t-zone mat.

Waterproof mascara is a must. No matter what!!

Curl your lashes. This will instantly open up yours eyes and make them appear larger. A heated eye lash curler
works beautifully on even the shortest/straightest lashes.

Apply an eye base like my Crystal Taupe Eye Shine to keep eye shadow looking perfect.

Eyes need definition so run a liner in the shade you love along the base of the top lashes and half way along the base of the lower lashes.

Try a cream or cream to powder blusher for a healthy flush of colour. For a long lasting effect try layering a cream and a powder blusher in the same colour.

Apply a lip base first to keep lipstick or gloss on longer and to help prevent feathering.
Use a natural lip pencil all over the lip and then a lip shine or gloss. Or fill lips in with the liner end of my Lip & Liner Duo then add colour from the other end of the duo for long lasting lushes lips.

Try a scented body lotion mixed with either the Shimmer Tint in Bronze or the Skin Illuminator in Champagne to give your body a stunning red carpet sheen.

Top Tips:

The best tip I could and do give any bride is ‘look yourself’, just more polished.
If you try to go heavier or softer than your regular make-up then you’ll only feel uncomfortable and unsure on the day and at worst, you’ll look back at the photos and dislike them. If you want to try out different looks then 2 or 3 months before your wedding is the time to start experimenting. You definitely don’t want to leave it to your Wedding Day but remember not do it any too far in advance unless you are certain your skin tone won’t change.

To make your make-up last, you could try long lasting products (foundation, shadows, lipstick and waterproof mascara). Or you could try layering, that is applying a cream or cream to powder (eyeshadow & blush) first followed by a matching powder (eyeshadow & blush). But most of all, whether you use long-lasting or regular products, take your time applying your make-up, this is one area you don’t rush.

If you are having black & white photos consider your lip colour. Pale nude shades will make you look like you have no lips while red lip colours can look black. You may want to adjust the colour accordingly.

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