10 Alternative Ways To Use Confetti

Confetti has been used for generations to celebrate a newly wed couple.  These days most churches and venue only allow natural petal confetti.  However, it can be used for more than just throwing.

Here are 10 alternative ways to use confetti.


Fill a pretty wicker basket with your chosen confetti for your bridesmaids and flowers girls to hand out ready for your confetti moment.  Giving young flowers girls a smaller basket not only gives them something to carry, it also gives them a job to do keeping them occupied.


Buckets add a quirky feel to your wedding.  Available in a range of colours, you can choose one to suit your wedding theme or go for a neutral one if you choose a colourful confetti mix. 

Confetti Cones:

Confetti cones are perfect for your guests to take and scatter the contents over you.  They are easy to fill and can be placed in a basket or a specially made box such as the Shropshire Box.

Bath Bombs:

Natural petal confetti can be used to make your own DIY items such as homemade bath bombs.  Select your favourite recipe adding your chosen petal colour and a delicate fragrance to finish off.

Rose Heads:

Roses are the flower of love, so it makes perfect sense to include them on your wedding day.  Dried rose heads are very versatile.  Wire them into floral displays or bouquets for longer lasting arrangements.


Birdcages are very popular as they add a touch of vintage to your wedding.  Place a birdcage in a prominent position filled with small bags of confetti for guests to take from.  Alternatively, fill with larger petals to use as beautiful reception decorations.

Cups and Saucers

Cups and saucers are great when used as decorations.  Fro dark cups and saucers, choose bright large petals, fill the cup and place some petals on the saucer.  For lighter cups and saucers match your confetti, adding some light tones for a perfect colour contrast.

Heart table centrepiece:

For a simple, yet elegant table centrepiece create a heart out of natural petal confetti.  If you have white table clothes go for a confetti mix with a variety of colours.  For darker table clothes mix ivory with your wedding theme colour to make it really stand out.

Petal path:

Create your own romantic aisle by sprinkling natural petal confetti where your aisle will be.  Add small jars of fresh flowers or candles to add definition to your aisle.

Petal table decoration:

For your guests to be able to interact with each other, a small table centrepiece would enable them to do this.  However, this can leave the table looking quite bare.  Add some large petals in contrasting colours to extend your table decoration. 

For more ideas on using confetti visit http://www.shropshirepetals.com